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About Us

Story about our company

Story about us

And how we get to this point

We have been at your service since 2006 with our experience in health care.
We have been working with various hospitals and clinics in Turkey for about 16 years. Until today, we have provided services to hospitals and clinics in terms of quality and process improvements of hospitals and clinics. After that, we planned this service network in Turkey to serve health tourism.

Each member of our team of doctors and technical experts has special abilities in their field. Our team works specifically to plan the best treatment for you.

Our company strives to offer you the best and quality service with contracted hospitals in all provinces of Turkey, especially in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Izmir.

Our company, which was established specifically to serve patients in England, Germany and other parts of Europe, has offices in England, Germany and Turkey.

Now you don’t need to make a decision by examining dozens of hospitals and clinics for your treatment planning. You can choose your own treatment plan, which is specially prepared for you and has many options.

In addition, you can reach us from your emergency phone number for both ambulance and treatment options for the treatment you need due to sudden illnesses that develop while you are on holiday in Turkey. An assistant will be waiting for you there.

You can also benefit from our accommodation, flight reservations and welcome services along with your treatment process.

Our contracted hospitals and doctors are certified

National and international accreditations

Our hospitals have national and international accreditations. Some of our organizations authorized by the Turkish Ministry of Health are also accredited by JCI.

JCI is a reputable accreditation body based in the USA.

Keep improving our hospital

Our hospitals, where all kinds of surgical operations are performed, are open to continuous improvement. Our hospitals, which have superior service quality, are equipped with the latest technology devices.
State-of-the-art medical devices90%
Superior service quality90%
National and International Accreditation80%
Innovative doctors100%

Certificates & Standards

Private Care Service

Pharmaceuticals or drugs or medicines are classified in various other groups besides their origin on the basis

Surgery of the respiratory tract is generally performed by specialists in cardiothoracic surgery (or thoracic surgery) though minor procedures may be performed by pulmonologists. Pulmonology is closely.

  • CF-related diabetes (monthly)
  • Gastrointestinal (monthly)
  • CF-related liver disease (monthly)
  • Sweat testing (three times per month)
  • Difficult cystic fibrosis diagnosis (alternate months)

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